Managed Network

An affordable way of securing your IT systems




Worried about downtime?

How would your business cope if you lost Internet connection? Or if your entire system went down? What if you lost important business documents or client data?


The 24x7 checks alert us instantly to any problem that crops up during the day, informs us of the exact cause, and allows us to make speedy fixes – often before you may even know about the problem.

Basically, our IT service levels can dramatically improve if your use our Advanced Monitoring solutions.


With the Conventional Process…..

  • A problem occurs and the user usually fiddles around in growing frustration
  • They call you eventually when they can’t make any progress
  • You ask them to describe the problem so you can either assign the right person or fix it over the phone
  • Once you have a clear picture of the problem, you act to fix it.


Using Round-the-Clock 24x7 Alerts

  • We receive an alert within 7.5 minutes on average (if using 15 minute intervals) or within 2.5 minutes on average (if using five minute intervals)
  • We’re told the exact cause of the problem (e.g. Windows service has failed))
  • We can fix it remotely or dispatch someone to the site. Instantly.

The benefits:

A faster, more accurate, less frustrating IT support experience.


Should you have any IT related questions, please contact us

Because we surely can help you to answer any of them and point you to a right direction.


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