Business Anti Virus

- ThreatTrack Security™





Managed antivirus for PCs and Macs

Low CPU and memory usage

Firewall protection

Malicious website blocking

Mobile Device Management

Email security and antiphishing

Antivirus and antispyware protection for PCs

Low CPU and memory usage

Firewall protection (Internet Security only)

Email virus security

Spam filter (Internet Security only)

Malicious website blocking

What is Managed Antivirus Business?

  • You reduce costs and overhead – With automatic updates, centralized deployment and monitoring, and no need for onsite servers or maintenance, you save money and time.
  • It’s powerful yet simple to manage – No need to have an IT back ground as we manges this service for you. That way you can focus on more important things with in your practice.
  • Delivers best protection available – Protection technologies are the core of any antimalware solution and this is where our products and partners lead the industry, dominating independent trials.
  • Improves operational efficiency – Consolidating security to just one console for all offices or customers streamlines management and eliminates travel expenses.


Cloud Security for Endpoints (CSE) simplifies and automates AV installation, updates and administration for your practice with limited or no in-house IT and more than 5 or 10 computers.

By remotely installing and managing security for all computers from just one web console you and your employees are able to focus on core business tasks instead of having to worry about security.

Without requiring an IT background, Cloud Security for Endpoints gives you enterprise-class protection: centralized security that is always on and up-to-date with unified policies that can be enforced without employees being able to interfere.

Secure your computers using antivirus and antimalware, Internet security and antiphishing, web filtering, user control and much more. Simply sign up for the service, and we will remotely deploy protection to all your systems – everything in less than one hour.